Tentative Schedule

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Monday September 17, 2018

08h30 Welcome Coffee & Croissants
09h00 Introduction by Yves Poilane, director of Télécom ParisTech

Session 1

  • 09h15-10h15  Patrice Simard (Microsoft Research AI)
    Machine Learning: What’s next?
  • 10h15-11h00  TBA

11h00-11h45  Coffee Break

  • 11h45-12h30 Julien Mairal (Inria)
    Invariance and Stability to Deformations of Deep Convolutional Representations

12h30-14h30 Lunch Break

Session 2

  • 14h30-15h30  TBA
  • 15h30-16h15  Maxime Sangier (Sorbone Université)
    What can a statistician expect from GANs?

15h30-16h15 Coffee Break

  • 16h00-16h45  Chloé Clavel (Télécom ParisTech)
    Natural Language Processing for social computing : from opinion mining to human-agent interaction

16h45-18h15  Poster Session

Tuesday September 18, 2018

08h45  Coffee & Croissants

Session 3

  • 09h15-10h15  Marco Cuturi (CREST/ENSAE)
    Regularization for Optimal Transport and Dynamic Time Warping Distances
  • 10h15-11h00  TBA

11h00-11h45  Coffee Break

  • 11h-11h45  George Hebrail (EDF)
    Time Series Representation

12h30-14h30  Lunch Break

Session 4

  • 14h30-14h30  Gregoire Montavon (TU Berlin)
    Machine Learning Models: Explaining their Decisions, and Validating the Explanations
  • 15h30-16h15  Lisa Anne Hendricks (UC Berkeley)

15h30-16h15 Coffee Break

  • 16h00-16h45  TBA

16h45-18h15  Poster Session

18h15 Closing cocktail