Accepted Posters

These posters will be presented during the two days of the workshop.

Spotlight #1

Functional Isolation Forest

Guillaume Staerman, Télécom Paris

Influence Maximization via Representation Learning

George Panagopoulos, LIX – Ecole polytechnique

Convergence of the ADAM Algorithm from a Dynamical Systems viewpoint

Anas Barakat, Télécom Paris

Spotlight #2

On Tree-based Methods for Similarity Learning

Robin Vogel, Télécom Paris

Multi-task Deep Learning based Environment and Mobility Detection for User Behavior Modeling

Saffar Illyyne, Nokia Bell Labs

Independent-Variation Matrix Factorization with Application to Energy Disaggregation

Simon Henriet, Télécom Paris

Spotlight #3

Unsupervised Learning and Exploration of Reachable Outcome Space

Giuseppe Paolo, SoftBank, Sorbonne University

Robust Domain Randomization in Reinforcement Learning

William Clements, Unchartech

EvoNet: A Neural Network for Predicting Topology Evolution of Temporal Graph

Changmin Wu, Ecole polytechnique

Spotlight #4

Slice of attention in asynchronous job video interviews

Leo Hemamou, Télécom Paris, LIMSI and EasyRecrue

Markovian Magic : A Question Suggestion Engine with Nothing to Hide

Ruchi Asthana and Jennifer A. Mallette, IBM